Get Your Kids Ready for Back to School 
We asked a few of our educators for some back to school advice and here’s what they had to say.

Katrina Buchanan ~Teacher/Coach Pearland ISD

What should parents do to get students ready to return to school?

To get students ready to return to school for all ages start them back on their sleep pattern, bed early and up early so their bodies will get back into school mode.

Keep them active during the day and don’t allow them to be lazy because when school starts that isn’t an option. For the younger ones, get them outside if they haven’t been going because it is hot and recess will continue. You want their bodies and mind ready!

In addition to that, have them read something and discuss it with them. You are retraining their brains to think. Maybe have them write a letter or a reflection about what they read this is incorporating writing.

Parents please take the devices away. Your kid will have withdrawals when teachers ask them to put the phone away and they now feel a sense of loss without it because it’s been attached to them for over two months.

Help us by helping your student start off their first weeks of school energized and ready. Reteach them manners so that we won’t have to.
A pleasant student makes for a happy student!
Katrina Buchanan and Family 
Anthony Smedley and Family

Anthony Smedley ~ Assistant Principal Houston ISD

If you could give parents one word to focus on that would ensure their child’s success what would it be?

To help prepare your child for school this year, teach them to focus on one word, and that one word is until. When they learn to focus on until, they will embrace the following statements: 

Read the books until you make a passing grade.

Study until you increase your score.

Ask questions until you can understand. 

Take the test until your grade improves.

Work hard until you reach your goals. 

Practice until you make the team. 


April Davis ~ Teacher Fortbend ISD

 What is the number one motivator for student success?

As teachers we will do all we can to compel your children to do their best. Still, after two decades of teaching, I’ve come to find that the most effective motivator for students is an encouraging and supportive parent.

April and Joe Davis
Kim Williams and Family

Kimberly Phillips Williams ~ Academic Advisor University of Houston

What is the one thing every parent must do this year?

The best advice I can give parents is to be actively involved with their children’s teachers! It is important to build relationships with those teachers and administrators on campus (i.e, Principal, Assistant a Principal, Counselor, etc). Those relationships need to be fostered before there is a problem. Check in with teachers periodically to review your child’s progress or check for growth needs. It needs to be an ongoing dialog. If teachers and administrators know that a parent is involved…they are held accountable and it’s just an overall win-win for everyone involved especially the student. The key to student success takes a village and that village needs to include the parents, teachers, and administrators!


Xavier Wooten ~ Teacher Houston ISD

What insights would you give to parents to improve teacher/parent relationships?

Find out all the other teachers that interact with your child in addition to their classroom teachers.  Make it a priority to meet your child’s teacher at least four times a year, and take time out to show appreciation to your child’s teacher.

Xavier Wooten
Dalisa Webb and Family 

Dalisa Webb ~ Teacher Fortbend ISD

What are you top five tips to help parents get their child ready for school?
1. Start now getting your child back on schedule. Sleep goes a long way for the brain.
2. Label your child’s supplies. If possible bring extra supplies for students who can’t afford all the supplies on the list.
3. Get your child on a 30 min reading regimen every night with challenging books.
4.Get to know your child’s teacher, building relationships could be the difference between passing and failing.
5.Buy a planner to keep your child organized.